Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cheap MySQL Server Hosting - The Benefits Of Relational Database Management System Support In Web Hosting Services


There are many cheap MySQL server hosting service providers providing excellent hosting services to their clients. The use of latest technology and super efficient systems has made cheap MySQL database hosting packages possible.  These MySQL server support offers installation and configuration of the server.  It also offers trouble shooting solutions to its clients as and when required by them.  

What is MySQL? 

MySQL is a specialized Relational Data Base Management System or RDBMS. It is based on SQL or Structured Query Language.  The initial My is the cofounder Michaele Wideneus’s daughter’s name.  

MySQL is an application very useful in achieving number of purposes.  MySQL is used with high efficiency in data warehousing, logging application and most of all, in e-commerce. The maximum use of MySQL is for the purpose of a website database.   

MySQL is an open source application that manages relational data base.  MySQL runs on almost all platforms.  It runs on Linux, UNIX or Window platforms equally well.  MySQL is an important component of an open source enterprise stack, known as LAMP.  LAMP is a website development platform. It uses Linux as its operating system. It also uses Apache as the web server.  MySQL is LAMP’s relational data base management system and PHP is LAMP’s preferred scripting language that works in object oriented manner.  

Advantages of MySQL-

MySQL is very easy to install. It is very easy to set up an implementation of MySQL. MySQL is a very easy to work data base tool.  

MySQL is an open source platform that gets the needed support from large number of developers and supporters, whenever it is found necessary.  MySQL is an open source tool available on line for absolutely free.  MySQL is an industry standard data base management system, compatible with almost every operating system. 

The MySQL Server Hosting-

Any server hosting service with a MySQL data base management system support is a MySQL server hosting service.  Data Base management system is a very important component of web hosting service. MySQL provides its best of services as a website data base management system. A MySQL server hosting carries the benefits of MySQL data base management system in its web site hosting services provided to its clients.  

MySQL server hosting offers special privileges for its clients such as MySQL support installation, assistance for configuration, data base back up and expert support, as and when needed by the client.  This MySQL server hosting also offers to its clients, advanced MySQL support installation options with MySQL configuration replication, regular analysis and optimization of MySQL server performance, analysis of database server with MySQL and its operating system, utilization of resource in MySQL server performance, analysis and optimization of queries etc.  

Cheap MySQL Server Hosting service providers

There are many cheap MySQL server hosting provider companies providing best of web hosting services with MySQL support to its clients at a very cheap price.  These MySQL server hosting service providers offer fast speed, flexibility, complete customization and reliability to its customers.  There are many best MySQL server hosting service providers with very cheap plans for their customers. One has to just compare the data and decide for the one he/she wants.  

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Different Options to Choose the Best SSL Certificates Hosting Services

People today rely on the internet for almost all their requirements. This has led to the mushrooming of websites offering varying services. Technology has provided a wider scope however, it also has given rise to a vast increase in cyber security threats.

The cyber criminals are more active now and are growing smarter creating a fear among the online businesses using methodologies like SQL injection, XSS scripting, cloning and much more. Consumers started hesitating to complete their transactions since they feared the security of their personal information.

Concerns all over led to the inception of SSL certificates. Business of all sizes today look for the best SSL certificates hosting services with equal deliberations as they do for their hosting platforms. 

What exactly is SSL and how it works:

An SSL certificate is a small bit sized file with a cryptographic key that stores complete information about a website’s ownership including domain name, location and owner details. All information that is transmitted between the website and a customer’s browser is completely encrypted. Websites with a SSL certificate will have a green padlock symbol and activates the https protocol.

Types of SSL certificates

There are a variety of SSL certificates available which allows a business to choose the best SSL certificates hosting services that they think suits their needs. The differences come in pricing, level of security and usefulness.

Domain validation:  DV is designed for the small single domain site and for personal blogs. It is not ideal for large enterprises.

Organization validated certificates: OV comes with more improved features and processed in 3 days. The Certificate Authorities verify if the applicant has authority to apply on the said domain name.

SAN SSL: They secure multiple domains/ subdomains and more cost-effective than the DV/ OV type of certificates as a single purchase is sufficient for all.

Wildcard certificate: They secure the subdomains with special characters like asterisk or hash.

Extended validation EV certificates are the most secured and valued among the best SSL certificates hosting services. The CA issues the certificate after doing some deep investigation It can take up to a week to issue the certificate but authenticates the site elaborately to be safe for transactions. It is most suitable for the large e-commerce sites, banks, hospitals, sites where one must part with personal financial information.

Factors you must look for in the best SSL certificate hosting services:

It is important for you to consider a few points before buying SSL certificate for your business/ These include

The services from the certificate authority must be prompt, efficient, affordable and include after sales support.  

You must choose the appropriate one since different SSLs are designed with varying purposes. However, the ultimate purpose of each SSL is to secure a site.

The EV and DV certifications are perfect for domains while the wildcard certificate suits the internet server security.

Another important point you must consider is that price should not be your single factor when looking for the best SSL certificate hosting services. There are plenty of Cas providing SSL certificates in the industry so choose one that suits your business even if they may slightly be higher in price.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Services: The Perfect Choice for Maximum Performance

When you are looking for cheap Windows dedicated server hosting service, chances are that you have the required expertise and workforce to manage and maintain the infrastructure and server. Dedicated machines are most suitable for the high-traffic websites that need the maximum bandwidth, server space and other resources to manage the constant flow of visitors. When you choose this type of server, you have the entire space and resources for your business. 

Access to high-end features:

Although you have the option of servers between Linux and Windows, Windows has more advantages and robustness which is why large businesses prefer the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services over the Linux OS. The basic advantage is that you have access to all the Microsoft tools and technologies like SharePoint, MSOffice tools, Visual Interdev, FrontPage and much more. It is also necessary to opt for Windows servers if your website is built using the ASP.NET technology to have a seamless performance. 

Between the two machines, Linux is open source and more affordable than the Windows which is a commercially sold software and requires users to buy a license. And when you say cheap, it does not refer to the price directly or the quality being low. The hosts name it as cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services, since the benefits that the client gains far outweigh the steep costs.

Control is with you:

The most significant benefit of the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services is that you have total control over the server. You can access via the Remote Desktop. You can choose the hardware you prefer, install any software that you think is required for your business, customize and configure it the way you want and practically use it for any purpose. You can host any number of websites. 

More reliable and secure:

Microsoft constantly keeps updating its software and infrastructure which is automatically applied to your servers. You must be technically competent with experienced manpower to monitor and manage the server. With a dedicated machine, you get a dedicated IP and complete server resources. This means however much the traffic increases, you will still have plenty of bandwidth, space, memory etc. to manage high visitor movement. The best cheap Windows dedicated server comes inbuilt with firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions. This is where you will understand the necessity for you to choose your host after much deliberation. Your host must get you the best protection against D-DoS attacks.  D-DoS is mainly directed against large traffic websites to cripple the business and bring it a standstill. 

Another important factor that you must look for in the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services is the level of support the host provides. The best providers extend around the clock technical support over the phone, chat, and email. You could be an expert technically but there are several issues that your host only can do. If they are not available, your business performance can be affected and you could lose money as well as clients in the process. 

Friday, 6 October 2017

How can you get Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

You can enjoy significant cost-savings with cheap Linux VPS hosting. Linux VPS plans are in any case cheaper in price compared to Windows VPS hosting plans. This is because Linux is open source and there are no licensing fees. You will find many providers offering low-priced Linux servers. Linux servers are also popular because they are found to be highly stable and user-friendly. But, not all providers are the same. You should read online reviews about their performance and check for client feedbacks to be sure.

How can you get cheap Linux VPS servers?

To get cheap servers in Linux VPS, you should opt for their unmanaged hosting solutions. These solutions are cost-effective compared to managed hosting solutions because the tasks of server management and security are vested in you and not your host. However, unmanaged hosting is not a wise decision if your in-house IT staff is not capable enough or is not qualified and experienced. If you are not confident about your staff’s capabilities, it is better to spend more money and buy managed hosting plans.

What should you ensure when you buy cheap Linux VPS hosting?

  • When you have been able to get cheap Linux servers, your job is to make sure that the provider offers round-the-clock technical assistance through different channels like emails, phone and chats.

  • You must also ensure that although the Linux plans may be cheap, the host does not compromise on the quality of services at any point of time. The provider should have fault-resilient data centers which can guarantee redundant network connectivity to handle sudden power outages.

  • When you choose cheap Linux VPS hosting, you must also ensure that you can get extra RAM or processing power when you need these. Just because the plans are low priced must not mean that additional resources cannot be obtained if needed. The main idea behind seeking VPS hosting solutions is because these are scalable, allowing businesses to get extra resources for seamless growth. So, while choosing any vendor, you must first ensure that it can offer you this scalability.

  • At the same time, you need to make sure that your business can get extra bandwidth to handle traffic peaks if needed. You should also make sure that the vendor does not charge you for offering these resources.

  • Before signing up for any cheap Linux VPS hosting plans you must therefore review the vendors’ SLA to make yourself aware of the uptime guarantees, the compensations the vendor must render for failure to meet the guarantees etc.

  • While the plans may be low in price, they must not disregard the important of deploying robust security measures for data protection. So, while choosing Linux VPS h servers, you need to make sure there are proper security arrangements to prevent breaches of any sort.

  • Finally, you need to properly assess the pricing structure before you sign on the dotted lines. This is because while some plans may appear to be “cheap” on the surface, they may have many hidden charges. So, you should be wary of providers that demand an upfront fee or which charges you for upgrades and updates, for installation or migration etc.

To be sure, you should ideally sign up with a host which offers you a free trial. This will help you ascertain their services properly before paying up. You can avail of plans with money back offers that allow you to discontinue services within a stipulated time period if you are not satisfied.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Angular JS Hosting - Perfect Hosting Solution, Very Rich With Features

Angular JS is a development frame work. Angular JS is highly useful in developing dynamic web applications.  Google bears the responsibility of maintaining Angular JS. The web application developers use HTML as their template language. It also allows extending HTML syntax for clean and clear code.  

What is Angular JS hosting ?

Those who are interested to deploy Angular JS framework must have Angular JS hosting solution. The web developers developing dynamic web applications need Angular JS as a working tool.  Angular JS allows the user to use HTML text as template language.  Angular JS is useful for creation of all modern web applications. It is built upon Model View Controller (MVC) concept.  Angular JS divides business logic layer presentation and logic layers into separate sections.  This division into individual sections makes management of the related sections much easy. 

Benefits of Angular JS hosting- 

The main benefit of Angular JS hosting is that the user need not create special codes for binding the data with HTML control. Previously, the user had to write number of codes for designing and developing an application, to carry out a Document Object Model (DOM). Angular JS has reduced this burden of writing so many codes and the user has to now write a limited number of codes.  Angular JS application unit tests designs were designed and developed by Google designers with the testing framework that is called “Karma”.

Angular JS hosting is practically free from any error. It is an open source framework. The writing of extra codes in Java to keep data in HTML form has been made unnecessary now, by Angular JS.  This task is automatically done by Angular JS framework and angular JS hosting.

A very important feature of a single page dynamic application of routing or shifting from one view to another is also taken care by Angular JS framework and Angular JS hosting. Angular JS is very efficient in supporting of testing. It may be either unit testing or integration testing; both are equally well supported by Angular JS.

Angular JS proves itself to be the brilliant and inevitable development framework for web designers and developers. This is a Java Script frame work. The web developers and designers have very much greater control of their web applications with Angular JS. Angular JS is a framework that is very rich in features. Client side web application can be added with greater value with Angular JS by web developers and designers. 

Angular JS does not need node.JS to perform.  One can use it from Google CDN also without script being hosted on the user’s server.  For testing purpose node.JS is used, if any web developer becomes interested to do any testing with “Karma”. An application can be hosted on a simple server without node.JS and test it locally if the user does not have it. 

Any server on the internet is able to host an Angular JS application. All work done from the client’s side will be easy and comfortable. 

The rewrite of "Angular JS" was called as “Angular 2” by its creative team. “Angular 4” was also announced on December 13th, 2016. Angular 4 is compatible with Angular 2 or Angular JS. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cloud Hosting – What is it anyway?

Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting that doesn’t store data in a single physical machine server but on cloud. This hosting type is based on an advanced cloud computing technology that incorporates multiple server machines to act as a single system. Whether you are using a dedicated server or a shared one, you are basically using a single server. With cloud technology, you are now able to easily integrate additional resources like RAM and disk space, thereby enabling your site to grow infinitely. 

Example of Cloud Hosting

In case of single machine servers, you may face downtime in natural disaster. However, in case of the cloud, the node simply shifts from one to another in the cloud. This ensures that you get unlimited cloud server facility without any downtime. In fact, with cloud hosting you can manage peak loads easily by simply adding resources such as bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and others by simply clicking a few buttons. If a server malfunctions in a normal hosting solution, downtime is inevitable. 

How does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud is based in the network of innumerable servers. In cloud infrastructure, a cluster of servers work together and therefore dependency on a single server is very less. That’s why here probability of downtime decreases significantly. In case of cloud hosting, the site keeps on running despite malfunction of a single server. 

Every server in the cloud has been assigned with a particular task set. If there is failure in one server in the cloud system, other servers will come into action to carry out that task for a certain period of time until the malfunctioning server is repaired and it is back to work. 

Cloud Hosting - What’s the Future?

Cloud hosting is becoming popular with every passing day. In fact, its cost has also come down significantly in the last 4 to 5 years time. Some businesses have inhibition towards cloud because of their less knowledge. However, the scenario is changing fast and its adoption rate is increasing as more and more people are getting aware of this new hosting technology.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Multiple Benefits You Get with Windows Cloud Server

When you are choosing IT solutions, it is important you look for flexibility as well as control through some robust technologies and applications. You must consider the Windows cloud server which is cost-effective, sturdy and get you the best performance to stay ahead of your competition. One benefit that you straightaway get is that all the Windows servers come pre-installed with the popular Microsoft technologies to which you get access. You must purchase the Microsoft server licenses to use the products. 

Choice of server and instant deployment:

When you chose to host your website on the Windows cloud server, you can select any of the versions that you are comfortable with. The installation does not take long and you can immediately start working on it. You can connect to your server via the Remote Desktop(RDP).  The cloud servers are customizable and you may configure it in any manner you wish that you think will suit your business. 

How the cloud works:

Cloud runs on the virtualization technology. Any service that you access using the internet can be said to be cloud technology. Cloud is a cluster of interconnected servers and runs as a network.  The servers are deployed in remote data centers across the globe. 

Using the Hyper-V hypervisor, Windows cloud server allows optimized cloud solutions giving your business the best of the top operating system and physical hardware. It offers the capabilities of a dedicated server with the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the cloud.  

The hypervisors are far superior to the VPS machines as they are totally isolated and come with a dedicated operating system, individual storage SSDs, superior processing power and dedicated memory without the concept of sharing. 

The hypervisor cloud servers better over the dedicated servers because of instant on demand scalability which guarantees business continuity even at high traffic times. Cloud servers can replicate the data to highly redundant backup nodes and automated switchover. Dedicated servers need human intervention which consumes time and can result in downtime. 

Eliminates downtime:

The primary advantage and an important one, of your Windows cloud server are that your website is being served its resources from multiple servers. Since the cloud is all automated, even if one of the nodes is down for some reason, you still get your resources from the other virtual machines in the network. The scope of your business becoming unavailable are minimized and you will have guaranteed uptime of near 100%. 

Assured continuity:

Another significant benefit with your Windows cloud server is that you can scale your resources both ways. In simpler terms, it means when you anticipate peak traffic, you can always increase your space and other resources with a couple of clicks. Once the rush reduces, you can reduce your resources and eliminate wastage of resources. The cloud billing model of pay-as-you-use applies here too. Windows server comes with in-built protection against D-DoS attacks by the cyber criminals and offer strong firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions to make sure your website is not disturbed in any manner. 

Cheap MySQL Server Hosting - The Benefits Of Relational Database Management System Support In Web Hosting Services

Overview There are many cheap MySQL server hosting service providers providing excellent hosting services to their clients. The use of...