Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cloud Hosting – What is it anyway?

Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting that doesn’t store data in a single physical machine server but on cloud. This hosting type is based on an advanced cloud computing technology that incorporates multiple server machines to act as a single system. Whether you are using a dedicated server or a shared one, you are basically using a single server. With cloud technology, you are now able to easily integrate additional resources like RAM and disk space, thereby enabling your site to grow infinitely. 

Example of Cloud Hosting

In case of single machine servers, you may face downtime in natural disaster. However, in case of the cloud, the node simply shifts from one to another in the cloud. This ensures that you get unlimited cloud server facility without any downtime. In fact, with cloud hosting you can manage peak loads easily by simply adding resources such as bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and others by simply clicking a few buttons. If a server malfunctions in a normal hosting solution, downtime is inevitable. 

How does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud is based in the network of innumerable servers. In cloud infrastructure, a cluster of servers work together and therefore dependency on a single server is very less. That’s why here probability of downtime decreases significantly. In case of cloud hosting, the site keeps on running despite malfunction of a single server. 

Every server in the cloud has been assigned with a particular task set. If there is failure in one server in the cloud system, other servers will come into action to carry out that task for a certain period of time until the malfunctioning server is repaired and it is back to work. 

Cloud Hosting - What’s the Future?

Cloud hosting is becoming popular with every passing day. In fact, its cost has also come down significantly in the last 4 to 5 years time. Some businesses have inhibition towards cloud because of their less knowledge. However, the scenario is changing fast and its adoption rate is increasing as more and more people are getting aware of this new hosting technology.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Multiple Benefits You Get with Windows Cloud Server

When you are choosing IT solutions, it is important you look for flexibility as well as control through some robust technologies and applications. You must consider the Windows cloud server which is cost-effective, sturdy and get you the best performance to stay ahead of your competition. One benefit that you straightaway get is that all the Windows servers come pre-installed with the popular Microsoft technologies to which you get access. You must purchase the Microsoft server licenses to use the products. 

Choice of server and instant deployment:

When you chose to host your website on the Windows cloud server, you can select any of the versions that you are comfortable with. The installation does not take long and you can immediately start working on it. You can connect to your server via the Remote Desktop(RDP).  The cloud servers are customizable and you may configure it in any manner you wish that you think will suit your business. 

How the cloud works:

Cloud runs on the virtualization technology. Any service that you access using the internet can be said to be cloud technology. Cloud is a cluster of interconnected servers and runs as a network.  The servers are deployed in remote data centers across the globe. 

Using the Hyper-V hypervisor, Windows cloud server allows optimized cloud solutions giving your business the best of the top operating system and physical hardware. It offers the capabilities of a dedicated server with the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the cloud.  

The hypervisors are far superior to the VPS machines as they are totally isolated and come with a dedicated operating system, individual storage SSDs, superior processing power and dedicated memory without the concept of sharing. 

The hypervisor cloud servers better over the dedicated servers because of instant on demand scalability which guarantees business continuity even at high traffic times. Cloud servers can replicate the data to highly redundant backup nodes and automated switchover. Dedicated servers need human intervention which consumes time and can result in downtime. 

Eliminates downtime:

The primary advantage and an important one, of your Windows cloud server are that your website is being served its resources from multiple servers. Since the cloud is all automated, even if one of the nodes is down for some reason, you still get your resources from the other virtual machines in the network. The scope of your business becoming unavailable are minimized and you will have guaranteed uptime of near 100%. 

Assured continuity:

Another significant benefit with your Windows cloud server is that you can scale your resources both ways. In simpler terms, it means when you anticipate peak traffic, you can always increase your space and other resources with a couple of clicks. Once the rush reduces, you can reduce your resources and eliminate wastage of resources. The cloud billing model of pay-as-you-use applies here too. Windows server comes with in-built protection against D-DoS attacks by the cyber criminals and offer strong firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions to make sure your website is not disturbed in any manner. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Things to Understand Before Choosing Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Unmanaged dedicated hosting appeals to businesses which need to work with tight budgets. Dedicated hosting is the best solutions for companies that get a lot of traffic and must engage in online financial transactions. But dedicated hosting can be of various types, one of which is unmanaged dedicated hosting. Usually the dedicated servers are rented from a web hosting service provider. This host will have redundant network connections, a fault-resilient and secure data center. Compared to shared hosting plans, you can enjoy far better control over your resources. You can tweak the server settings to suit your interests. And most importantly, you get to monitor the administration and security of the servers.

How are unmanaged hosting plans beneficial?

The unmanaged dedicated hosting plans are typically the do-it-yourself hosting solutions. When you choose to sign up for these plans, you are expected to have a fair amount of expertise and knowledge about handling server administration. You will also be responsible for troubleshooting any server related problem that may arise. So, either a whole IT team or an individual will be monitoring the security, memory, and bandwidth. These individuals must have the capabilities and expertise to optimize these dedicated servers.

In contrast, there are managed hosting plans where the companies par more to get expert help from the web host for managing their servers. So, in managed dedicated hosting, the servers are leased by clients but these are handled by the provider. You will find that these companies which provide managed hosting solutions may offer varying levels of technical supports. Amongst these, the most basic support services will include notification of suspicious activities and malfunctioning of servers. Besides, they will also extend support through phone calls and emails; support for uncommon tools, configure software and operating systems, monitor hard drive usage and bandwidth usage and track uptime.

Things to remember when choosing unmanaged dedicated hosting plans:

  • When choosing unmanaged hosting solutions, you should be prepared to handle all kinds of administration related issues. So, you must be self-sufficient at all costs and you able to install the operating system; manage it and install custom software and applications for security. You will also be responsible for installing a variety of web applications and upgrade these from time to time. You have to set up security patches and conduct system restores. Data backups and monitoring of the entire system will also be part of their tasks.

  • When choosing unmanaged dedicated hosting, you need to ensure that your host takes care of network monitoring, web connectivity monitoring and providing equipments for hardware. The host will also ensure high-end connectivity and guarantee 100% uptime. However, you will be responsible for running the dedicated server seamlessly and for monitoring the OS and other applications.
This shows that unmanaged dedicated hosting is not advisable for all companies. It is best when you have a team of able experts and sufficiently-skilled members. It is a cost-effective option when compared to fully-managed dedicated hosting. But, at the same time, it demands complete knowledge of working of web servers, software skills to monitor the OS and apps, and expertise to handle operation of solutions meant for ecommerce sites.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top Reasons Why You Must Choose Windows dedicated Server Hosting

Windows dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting service where the client rents a physical server entirely for their business. Their website is built using the Microsoft owned Windows technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL database. With a dedicated server, you have the entire server resources for your individual needs without the practice of sharing the server as you experience in VPS and shared hosting. One advantage of the Windows operating system is its compatibility with all types of servers including Mac, Linux, and Unix. 

Though expensive it is cost effective:

When you buy a Microsoft product, you can be assured of the best infrastructure, robust security and frequent software updates and upgrades that will enhance the performance of the business. The Windows dedicated server hosting is more expensive than the Linux servers mainly because all the Microsoft products require you to buy a license to use the software. You can use the high-end technologies like Visual Interdev, Windows Streaming Media, Microsoft SharePoint etc. The best providers also offer Smart Bundle Pro that comes with numerous tools for a better email communication.

Dedicated servers are higher in price since there is only one client utilizing the total resources but in return your business gets more resources, reliability, complete privacy, security, and better control over the server. Your website will perform better with assured availability and minimum downtime and low latency as chances of crunch in resources are very less. There is no possibility of your website being affected by other businesses as it happens in shared hosting. The hosting can also be called as cheap dedicated windows server hosting since you have continuous availability.

Dedicated servers are built with the finest hardware components and your Windows dedicated server hosting provider houses your website in highly redundant data centers where you are assured of the maximum network availability of nearly 100% and fast connectivity.

Complete administrative control:

The Windows dedicated server hosting gives you root access and control over your server via the Remote Desktop. You can install any software that you may need, configure the server in any manner and use it for any business. You can host any number of websites. Manage your server with the Plesk control panel. The setup time is quick and may vary per the add-on features and customization you may require.

Frequent updates and proactive monitoring:

When you buy the Windows dedicated server hosting, you have complete privacy and security for your applications and files. Microsoft periodically updates its software with security patches. However, Windows applications when being installed or upgraded require you to reboot the server.

Top hosting providers will assist you with that service as they have their technical experts monitoring your server for its performance. In case they find anything that could likely cause hindrance to smooth performance, they instantly notify you and do the necessary replacements. In addition, you are assured of 24 x 7 x 365 days dedicated support over the phone, live chat, and email to ensure there are no issues with the server that could hinder a smooth performance and get you the edge over your competitors with a dedicated server.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Enjoy Better Performance with the Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Game servers are in huge demand and getting more popular among all types of gaming enthusiasts. There are several hosting companies competing to provide the best dedicated game server hosting. It is preferred on a dedicated server because the game requires large server resources which the shared hosting and VPS servers cannot provide. You will be stuck with lots of restrictions and limitations. With a dedicated server, you have total control, can customize and configure to suit your gaming needs.

More about a dedicated gaming server:

A gaming server is generally run on a server that is exclusively dedicated to it and is not used for any other purpose. Some of the popular games are in control of the owners and do not allow you to take control over the game. However, if you have a personal dedicated game server you can run a version of the game and manage it the way you wish adding and customizing it as you wish.  You must be aware of the rules and restrictions, if any, of the game and adhere to it. 

Why you require a private connection:  

There are many games that allow you to customize the entire gameplay and give you complete control. You cannot run it on your home computer system mainly because it will drain the bandwidth and stop you from accessing your other devices. The performance will be affected and your server users will not be able to enjoy to the maximum. You must look for the best dedicated game server hosting though you pay a higher cost for the dedicated server you have a huge saving on the storage space, RAM, and bandwidth that a gaming server demands which you may not be able to provide and maintain on your own.  

Technical support:

If you buy the services of the best dedicated game server hosting you are better equipped with resources like more space, higher bandwidth, network availability etc. The host will provide for all the software updates, operating system upgrades, hardware maintenance and component replacements as well as the security patches.  The host will aid you in the server set up and upgrade to a higher plan as the game gets popular and number of players increase.

Superior infrastructure:

Another benefit with the services of the best dedicated game server hosting is you get access to the latest technology. The hosts build your game server with the best quality hardware, use high-end infrastructure like SSD drives, latest gen processors, memory, bandwidth etc. that will guarantee you improved performance at super speed. You will have an assured uptime of 99.95%. 

Protection against D-DoS attacks:

Gaming networks are always prone to victimization with D-DoS attacks. Distributed denial of service (D-DoS) attack will put your system out of gear for some time. Many top gaming networks have fallen victim to the attackers earlier and you can always fall prey to them. However, the best dedicated game server hosting providers today are prepared and provide you with D-DoS security appliances and other robust firewalls that protect your gaming server. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

CPanel VPS Servers Hosting - To Access all Quick and Easy Features

CPanel stands for Control Panel. It is the standard industry hosting control panel. This control panel provides access to all quick and easy features in computing infrastructure. CPanel has been found very effective in installing software and in handling of database. It has shown high speed in installation of blogging and forum software. It can handle custom database in amazing speed and efficiently. 

This CPanel was previously associated with shared hosting that is very basic. Now, CPanel has been combined with Virtual Private Server or VPS Server hosting. This combination has exhibited tremendous power. CPanel with VPS Server hosting gives an impressive server service option to the clients. 

VPS Server hosting is in itself a very efficient model of server hosting. It offers affordable and flexible server configurations. VPS Server hosting also offers the service of a dedicated server hosting at an affordable cost. This server hosting’s efficiency goes beyond shared hosting platforms. VPS server hosting provides full access to server total resources. This costs much less than a dedicated server. 

Combined with CPanel, a CPanel VPS Server hosting offers many additional benefits to the clients. It offers many value addition services including management of multiple domains, automatic need based backups, management of DNS, direct installation of packages and modules.

A cPanel VPS server hosting allows managing a server in record time, that too in single or multiple websites. It also provides easy access to settings that are updated with updated security.

Advantages of CPanel VPS Server hosting

1. It offers easy navigation with vibrant client interface

CPanel is very easy to navigate. The menu is based on icons on the main page. It links all important features in control panel, giving a beautiful client side interface. 

2. It provides a wide range of operating systems

Many popular operating systems for web servers are supported by CPanel. New versions of CPanel being developed that will be compatible with Windows operating system. 

3. Very popular in webhosting

CPanel is now the biggest brand in Webhosting Control Panel industry. It has earned its reputation as a stable control panel system, offering peace and happiness to the clients.  

4. An economic option even being purchased through a data center

CPanel has partnership with many dedicated server providers and VPS server provides. Moreover it can be added to many servers. This partnership cuts the investment of the client. 

5. Various additions to CPanel makes it superior

Third party applications can be easily be incorporated by CPanel in control panel software. Many of them are auto installer programs, giving an edge to CPanel. 

6. Many Skins available for CPanel VPS servers

CPanel is an extremely easy control panel to skin. Skinning options make CPanel sets business organizations apart in this era of high business competitions. 

7. CPanel offers frequent software updates

CPanel updates its own software at a regular frequency. Sometimes it updates them on a daily basis. This makes CPanel the premium control panel product. 

CPanel in Managed VPS Server hosting

CPanel is highly compatible with Linux. So any Managed Linux VPS Server offers very easy installation of CPanel. It also configures the server automatically. 

CPanel in VPS server hosting provides a very easy user interface making it very easy for the user to manage his own server and website. Several panels are present for administrators, e mail users, and clients. 

A CPanel makes the untrained website owners to manage everything easily in VPS server in a managed Linux environment. 

CPanel truly is the chicest control panel in a Linux VPS server that allows even the untrained client to manage and operate his website and its various functions. He can also take care of his entire website backups. CPanel is the choice control panel product of today. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cloud Hosting: Accurate Answer To Enterprise Hosting Needs

Cloud hosting has emerged as a new platform for floating sites on the web and has unquestionably surprised the world. It includes a cluster of servers that are situated over the world and associated with each other in virtual space. The servers can have diverse OS's, which is a boon for associations that need to use. Linux and Windows facilitating servers work in conjunction with each other in this kind of hosting platform. This progressive innovation is being given by different facilitating firms situated in India, at the least costs and preferred by large, medium, and small enterprises alike.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting came into picture in such situations where the customer is keen on keeping their hosting services uninterrupted, which means a constant flow of information. For example, running ERP arrangements where distinctive functions work together or if you need a brisk support with an extra server and specialized bolster then it is ideal to have an enterprise level hosting.

Need for Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Security over the web is vital imperative now and numerous corporate foundations offering multi-layered security frameworks to oppose assault from programmers or phishing attacks. The requirement of an enterprise host has become an integral factor in this situation. Who needs enterprise web hosting is the question and the answer is whoever interested in keeping their hosting services uninterrupted, shielding their business from the hands of hackers, phishing assaults, fraudsters, or general security should be in the endeavor enterprise web hosting.

The Web based business that requires Enterprise Cloud Hosting is a result of the measure of confidential information nourished into the hosting websites by the ecommerce establishments. In fact, all those organizations planning to do or engage in commercial activities ought to be in the enterprise web hosting umbrella.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting prerequisites are more unpredictable than the necessities of small-scale e-Businesses, personal hosting, and web facilitating requirements of small and medium enterprises. Large-scale enterprises require hosting for the accompanying reasons:

  1. To implement their ERP/CRM solutions
  2. To host SaaS (Software as service applications)
  3. To share resources and data across the globe
  4. To create centralized information database
  5. To instantly increase resources on-demand

To serve these prerequisites, large organizations require nearly more resources than expected. At times, their necessities are duplicated than common days, and it can be dealt adequately just through cloud facilitating.

Significance of Enterprise Cloud Hosting

  • Enterprise Cloud Hosting gives customers the ability to buy the specific computing power they require. The power and resources are load-balanced which results in uninterrupted connectivity.
  • With more resources available, clients are equipped with the tools to expand their business without having such expenses as supplemental overhead and inventory. The cloud is a cost-effective and reliable enterprise solution.
  • The Cloud is very easy to use so you will not have to hire extra IT staff to operate the Cloud and train staff. There are significant cost-savings when using Enterprise Cloud Hosting.
  • Redundancy is another Cloud benefit. Users will be able to decrease their computer hardware inventory, which means there are less energy needs so less power is consumed.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting technique is viewed as a mid-route way amongst dedicated and shared services for websites. In the field of corporate facilitating, there are few associations that need to profit from the median of the services that are available in dedicated and shared servers. Cloud systems are ideal for such firms since the resources can be customized, additionally scaled as per the necessities of the organization, an element that is missing in the two conventional hosting systems.

Cloud Hosting – What is it anyway?

Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting that doesn’t store data in a single physical machine server but on cloud. This hosting type is...