Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Cloud Server Hosting Providers - Providing Excellent Hosting Service To Their Clients

Cloud hosting is a computing technology. Cloud hosting technology is driven by the internet. Cloud hosting is an on-demand computing technology. Cloud hosting is developed on the concept of and on principles of shared storage and processing. This shared storage and processing are of all underlying computing hardware. 

Cloud hosting depends on a network of a number of various website servers, which are connected with each other. This interconnection of multiple servers forms a complex and wide network of servers. This network provides needed functions of computing to its end users. 

Cloud computing technology may be viewed upon as an advanced version of grid computing technology. This technology of Cloud computing functions on the same concept of a number of computing resources working together to perform the same function with a common objective. 

Cloud hosting model is very different from other traditional hosting models. Cloud hosting does not confine storage of data to a single server. This storage of data is spread over a number of servers. This system provides a unique security and protection to the users of Cloud hosting service from failures of systems. In this system, if one system fails, another takes over to continue delivery of uninterrupted service. This taking over of hosting service from the failed server to another working server is done through an automated mode of shifting. 

Cloud Server Hosting Providers 

The Cloud server hosting service providers always provide its hosting services on a service model. These Cloud server hosting providers never resort to delivering hosting services in the traditional product model. 

The users of dedicated server hosting services or Shared hosting services have to make their payments against the hosting services availed by them, in a pre-fixed amount or rent, to be paid monthly or yearly to the service provider. But, the users of Cloud server hosting have to make their payments based on their usage of the infrastructures, instead of a fixed monthly or yearly payment. 

The Cloud server hosting providers provide extreme scalability to its clients. The users of Cloud server hosting enjoy the absolute freedom to decrease or increase their resources of computing, as per their business needs. The users can avail add-on computing resources, such as storage, RAM, bandwidth etc as per their business requirements. The Cloud server hosting providers charge the users according to their use of the computing resources. The users can very well monitor their expenses on their web hosting services. The complete process of increasing or decreasing computing resources is controlled by a back-end control panel. The users can exercise their complete control over their infrastructure of Information Technology with the help of this back-end panel. This helps the users to align their needed computing resources in record time, without putting their businesses into any harm or distress.  

The clients of Cloud server hosting providers are extremely benefitted from using this model of hosting service. These Cloud server hosting providers allow their clients to provision their resources for computing at shortest possible notice during the peak periods of business and remove the extra resources during the off periods of business. This benefits the users with significant cost savings in hosting service. These features and facilities provided by the Cloud server hosting provider have made the popularity of Cloud hosting technology to grow by leaps and bounds.  

There is a number of reputable and reliable Cloud server hosting provider companies, providing this excellent hosting service to their clients, at a very affordable price.  

Monday, 19 February 2018

Cost Should Not Be The Sole Criteria When Looking For Wordpress Hosting Services

When people think Wordpress, they have price and ease of operations in mind and both these counts they get what they want. It is important to know that Wordpress hosting services charge varying rates for what they offer and the lowest prices are actually as low as the cost of a pizza. Obviously at that price what the vendor can offer is the minimum server space with strict conditions wherein they could even turn off a website on their shared server if it starts consuming more than the allotted server space. Of course, they won’t do it on a whiff or without informing you about it. What you need to know is that when your website engagement grows, this will invariably happen and you should be prepared to pay more for larger server space or even go for dedicated server space. 

Dedicated servers 

If you are looking for dedicated Wordpress hosting services, you need to approach a vendor who can provide you with the server that can be tailored to your specific requirements. When you opt for dedicated hosting, an entire server will be allocated to your website and you can set it up either by using your own resources or get it hosted by your vendor. This kind of dedicated hosting is quite simple and uncomplicated among all the types of hosting but it is better to use the services of a reliable vendor because in spite of the simplicity of the process there’s still a process that you need to get familiar with. 

A dedicated server offers the flexibility of including themes as well as plugins in your site along with other advantages like personalized email for your business. Users who prefer the value for money approach more than the ‘cheapest possible price’ approach will find a lot more value in a dedicated server although the cost would understandably be way higher than what you pay for a shared server. Of course, your choice of server space would depend entirely on your specific needs on the basis of which you would make your decision. Normally Wordpress hosting services keep their customers fully updated about service limitations and other things that have a bearing on their server space usage. 

High popularity of Wordpress

Wordpress has always had a huge monopoly in the CMS market and the reasons are not far to seek. It is by far the easiest to manage and run and its popularity is evident in any Google search that will clearly reveal the numbers. So what makes Wordpress so popular? Foremost is the fact that it is an open source software and promises to remain so in the foreseeable future. This is a very big advantage for publishers because it gives them complete control of their content which is not the case with many other content publishing platforms. 

Today, Wordpress accounts for about 60% of the CMS software market with the closest competitor Joomla, way behind. It’s true that Wordpress is predominantly a blogging oriented platform but it has evolved due to enormous levels of use all over the world which created conditions for its adaptation with different requirements of users from different niches. As a result, it can’t be considered a blogging platform anymore and also because many large websites are hosted on the platform. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Top Benefits of The Best Cheap Cloud Hosting

The wide competition and need for affordable solutions have made businesses search for the best cheap cloud hosting.  Cloud is a reliable, flexible and affordable hosting alternative to the traditional server hosting. There are numerous ways that individuals and businesses can gain with the cloud. 

Understand your needs:

Choosing the best cheap cloud hosting service can really become a daunting task as it requires you to consider a lot of things. There are many cloud service providers available and to pick the right one for your business is not easy. You will have to be clear about your requirements like - the operating system, resources, server location, where your target audience is, and the level of scalability you want.

Unless you understand your goals and needs, selecting the ideal hosting company for your site is not possible. In your search for cheap cloud hosting, you must never let price be the only consideration. A service is reckoned as cheap when you can generate better results even if you are paying a higher figure. You will find many hosting providers that claim to be the cheapest. But you cannot be guaranteed of the quality and support.

The best cheap cloud hosting provider will guarantee of business continuity and availability. Consider the following features of the cloud: 

  • Affordable: You do not have any upfront investment in hardware and software infrastructure. You access the services you require over the internet and will be paying on the pay-as-you-use billing model. You do not need technical experts for the server related issues. The maintenance, component replacements, upgrades, software updates, licenses, security patches are all taken care by the host.
  • Reliable: Cloud runs as a network with multiple interconnected servers. In case one server is down for maintenance, you are served automatically by the other servers closest to you with the barest of downtime. In the cloud environment speed and uptime are assured in a superior way than what you get in the traditional hosting.

  • Scalable: One of the primary attractions of the cloud is the ease with which you can increase and reduce your server capacity. When you experience an increase in traffic you can hike up the resources with a few clicks and when the traffic regularizes you can discard and reduce the capacity paying only for what you have consumed. This eliminates the risks of traffic spikes with possibilities of website crashing.

Access from anywhere:

Yet another significant benefit with the cheap cloud server hosting services is access to your applications. It gives your employees the flexibility to work from home and does not require one to compulsorily be present physically in the workplace to update reports and complete tasks. You can work and collaborate with your staff even when you are travelling.


The best cheap cloud hosting will not compromise on security issues. They will make sure they are compliant with all the regulations laid down by the different governing bodies. They encrypt your data when transferring files to the cloud to ensure it is not misused even if intercepted.

Friday, 12 January 2018

MySQL – Designed For Web Applications

MySQL without any doubt is the most popular open source data base in the market. Among the web based applications, MySQL is the most sought after because of its proven performance, dependability and ease of use.

Here are a few good reasons why businesses use MySQL.

  • It is free
  • Good portability – can be conveniently imported/ exported from Excel
  • It is scalable – Functional for both small and large databases
  • Speed – One of the fastest known databases
  • Permission control – you can selectively accord or rescind permission to users 

One of the underlying features of MySQL is it is designed for the web applications.

As entrepreneurs and large companies face new challenges, MySQL has become the tool of choice for web developers.

Did you know that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are making use of MySQL to make sense of the exponentially growing amount of data?

It is the scalability, reliability and ease of use of MySQL that has made these big names choose this platform.

Some other advantages of MySQL are:


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Large companies including start-ups have realized significant cost savings by using MySQL. By leveraging the MySQL database, companies are able to achieve a very high level of scalability and lower their TCOs.

High level of performance

In today’s digital era, competition is just a mouse click away. Customer inquiries need quick responses. In this context web-based apps must offer extreme performance for simple as well as complex queries. MySQL offers solutions admirably.

Utilizes the clout of memory

MySQL makes use of advances made in the modern day servers in the memory space to deliver outstanding database performance.

Reliability and uptime

Web based applications must be up and running 24 x 7. Businesses cannot compromise on this aspect. In this context MySQL is very reliable. Moreover the expansive MySQL community contributes immensely to make this the most sought after open source data base.

MySQL cluster is crafted to detect any failure instantaneously. Control and corrective action automatically sets in to preempt defects. No wonder MySQL delivers 99.999% availability.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the singular objective of MySQL. It offers unusually effective fast start capability by downloading software in less than 15 minutes. Once software is downloaded, database administrators experience features like auto-restart and dynamic configuration.

Organizations find the ease-of-use feature of MySQL vital for rapid delivery of advanced and innovative web based applications. In the present competitive marketplace, time to market applications impacts a great deal on profitability and brand reach.


MySQL offers the flexibility to run on all major platforms in every popular language.

Lead role in the cloud

MySQL has grown to be the leading open source data base in the cloud. The upshot of this is SaaS vendors are leveraging MySQL capabilities to provide performance, service level safeguards and data security to compete in the market.

MySQL Server Hosting

Fortunately, the hosting segment now offers cost-effective and developer friendly cheap MySQL Server hosting for managing databases. Vendors offer features like top-class security, high speed, multi-user access, and scalability.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Why should you opt for Cheap VPS with C-Panel?

Virtual private server hosting or VPS has a host of advantages that proves effective for those seeking a cost effective web hosting panel. There are virtual compartments, each of which can be used as a dedicated server space. It offers the benefits of a dedicated plan without charging as much. Should you opt for a cheap VPS with cPanel? What are the advantages of cPanel that could of relevance to you? Read up.

Cheap VPS with cPanel: Some Advantages

Some of the key advantages of a cheap cPanel VPS license include:
  1. An Attractive Client Interface: When you choose cPanel, what you get is an attractive interface that makes navigation a whole lot simpler and easier. The menu on the main page is icon based. This links the users to all the important features offered by the control panel.
  2. cPanel supports a Host of Operating Systems: The very aim of developing cPanel was to offer support for several operating systems of servers. Common operating systems supported by it include Redhat, Fedora, BSD and many more. This helps in the control panel to be easily utilized by any webhosting company. Very soon cPanel will be compatible with Mac OSX and Windows.
  3. It Enjoys Wide Acceptability: When you opt for cheap VPS with cPanel, you also enjoy wide acceptability among webhosting clients. In fact, it is one of the biggest names in webhosting industry, in terms of control panels. The panel is recognized with a great deal of familiarity. This also gives peace of mind to the client since he knows that he is being offered a stable panel that he is comfortable with.
  4. Relatively Low Cost: Hosting plans can be expensive, especially for companies that are still setting up their processes. In most cases, cPanel can be added to the existing servers for a low price point.
  5. Incorporating third party applications becomes easy: Incorporating third party applications in the control panel becomes easy with cPanel. The most popular add-on that you can use is Fantastico which is a program meant for auto installation that allows hosting of scripts by the hosting client from a library comprising of over 50, within a matter of seconds.
  6. There are many skins available: cPanel is an extremely simple control panel for skinning purposes. Several skinning and designing companies are taking great advantage of this. It also becomes easier to incorporate user friendly features into the system.
  7. Frequent Updates: When you opt for cheap VPS with cPanel, you can avail of frequent updates. Sometimes daily updates are also available. This helps your system to run fast.

When we choose cheap VPS with cPanel, the hosting plan becomes more familiar, user friendly and cost effective too. It also becomes compatible with many different operating systems. In totality it becomes a fairly comfortable platform to work on. When you choose a hosting platform of this nature, managing it easily for a more profitable outcome becomes easier. However, it needs to be sourced from a trusted hosting provider.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Cheap ColocationServices Pricing - The Best That You Can Get

Colocation is a service where you pay for all technical and infrastructural requirements for the complete functioning, maintenance and upkeep of your coveted server. Your server is what practically drives your business. Therefore, when it comes to a colocation service, landing cheap colocation services pricing may not be your sole concern. What else should you look at? 

What is more important than cheap colocation services pricing
  1. Cheap managed colocation services are certainly available in huge numbers. However, not all of them may be worth your time. Here are some of the key attributes to look for in a colocation services provider.
  2. Uninterrupted power supply and complete round the clock cooling systems with continuous availability. Server rooms need to maintain a certain stable temperature. And any disruption in the same might not be so great for the health of the machine. Therefore, uniform cooling supported by stable and continuous power supply is mandatory.
  3. Cheap colocation services pricing should not be an excuse for more downtime. You need a promise of 99.98% uptime and nothing else. Commitment should also include proven latency.
  4. You also need a highly specialized physical security mechanism that is multi layered. There should be fencing along the perimeters, additional support by gates, video surveillance, biometric scanners, keycards, mantraps and of course round the clock security for the facility.
  5. Your colocation support system should also provide you with complete round the clock server client support without any exceptions. Remember, your server is just a machine. No matter how sophisticated your mechanisms are, machines are bound to fail, and most often at odd hours. And this is when your round the clock service support system saves the day for you. If you do not have a support system in place, it could simply mean hours and hours of down time.

Cheap Colocation Services: The All Important Price Points

Well, engaging a colocation service is expensive. Therefore, assessing the price points is important. What are the factors to keep in mind when choosing a cost effective facility that promises less wastage?
  1. First, it is important to check on the pricing policy and understand exactly how you are likely to be charged. You should be okay with the tariff plan.
  2. Second, choose a location with low power tariffs. Lower power tariffs would mean lower bills and hence lower prices for your colocation facility.
  3. Third, keep an eye on space charges. Rent just the area you require, if that’s possible. Do not go overboard on space hiring. You should not be paying for the space that lies idle. Check well.
  4. Companies that believe in competitive pricing are the ones preferred for cheap Colocation services. Get a hang of the company policy.

Cheap Colocation services should be subjected to comprehensive evaluation. Remember, just because the prices are less, the services should not be compromised. You need to check on the deliverables before signing on the dotted one. It should be a well equipped facility.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What Benefits Can Cheap Windows VPS Offer?

Affordable hosting plans are always welcome and therefore, cheap Windows VPS plans will naturally be an offer which is hard to resist for any business. VPS plans are far more affordable compared to dedicated hosting plans, but you get to enjoy almost the same advantages. This is because the virtual private server really functions like a dedicated server, working with a definite amount of resources. You are free to scale up your resources like memory, bandwidth, disk space etc whenever you need to. So, with VPS hosting, you can actually get almost all features of dedicated hosting but for much lower rates. When you get cheap Windows VPS plans, you stand to gain not only these advantages but also many more which are as follows:

  • There are obviously many advantages associated with any big brand. Windows in that sense has been around for many years. Microsoft has invested huge amount of money and people into developing newer and more user-friendly solutions and products. So, when you get to buy cheap Windows VPS, you can actually enjoy all Microsoft benefits.
  • Cheap Windows VPS will also benefit those companies that are using applications which need ASP or .Net technology. These will only run a Windows environment; so, it is essential that such businesses only select Windows hosting plans.
  • Since Microsoft has been in the business for long, it is well versed with what its buyers need. This is why it can successfully come out with products which will benefit its buyers best. This is also why the company has introduced many useful guides, video tutorials and technical assistance facilities for the benefit of companies choosing to sign up for cheap Windows VPS. The Hyper V hosting for example has provided an entire space for video tutorials which will show users how to best use their Windows virtual servers.
  • Choosing cheap Windows VPS also makes sense because it includes many extra features like better customer support service options, faster updates, more useful answers to customer queries etc.
  • A good reason for companies to look for cheap Windows VPS plans is because they have always used Microsoft products for their businesses. Since such companies tend to run only in Windows settings, they will prefer to make use of only Windows software and Windows documents.
  • Another huge advantage for such companies which choose Windows VPS plans is that there are no risks of data not matching with that of other databases or security concerns regarding data transfers.

These arguments prove why it makes sense for businesses which have always used Microsoft solutions for the day-to-day operations to stick to Windows VPS solutions. The Microsoft interface is easy to use and the familiarity of icons and window settings makes it super simple for newcomers to start operating the servers with ease. Windows VPS is also highly flexible which makes it easy for the web administrators to change and maneuver the content. Microsoft is well aware of what can benefit a business and comes up with affordable tailor-made products. Besides, when you sign up for Windows plans, you will be amazed at the wide range of functions you are given. You can actually carry out in-depth customization of nearly every setting. This is a big benefit for specialists that focus on details and wish to make resources readily available for rather specific needs. To get cheap hosting plans from Windows for your business, it is better to check for reviews and prices. You can sign up with provider offering free trials to test the services.

Cloud Server Hosting Providers - Providing Excellent Hosting Service To Their Clients

Cloud hosting is a computing technology. Cloud hosting technology is driven by the internet. Cloud hosting is an on-demand computing techn...